Advantages and Benefits

There are many benefits to learning circus skills with CircusSeen. Here are just some!

According to research, circus skills allow students to increase their concentration, coordination, retention and reaction times as well as actually increase grey and white matter in the brain. It’s also been linked to improve academic skills.benefits

It boosts positive learning, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem while encouraging cooperation, performance and risk assessment skills. It reinforces patience, persistence, poise and helps you learn to break down problems into manageable chunks.

C. Hannaford PhD has said “Cross-lateral movements actually improve the nerve communication between the two sides of the brain” and that “Studies show that movement and stimulation of balance helps attention disorders and improves reading.”

Circus skills offer great physical benefits too. The balance equipment alone can work your core, abs, quads and hamstrings, and depending on the technique can work the calves, lower back and oblique’s, it also activates your vestibular system preparing the brain to learn. Other skills can work the top half. Biceps, triceps, forearm and hand muscles, traps, delts, pecs and neck muscles. All of this, as well as being a great cardio workout.

In addition it enhances cross curricular learning, spatial awareness and peripheral vision as well as timing, rhythm, focus and fine and gross motor skills.

In the professional sphere, learning circus skills could lead to jobs and volunteering opportunities in Performance, Events Management, Administration, Teaching, Workshop Leading and Community and Charity work.

Most importantly circus skills are great fun for children and adults, promoting laughter, achievement and happiness!