Refund, Cancellation and Complaints Policy

CircusSeen” means CircusSeen C.I.C and any other connected organisation or peoples that supply the service ordered by you.

You” means the person(s) ordering services subject to these conditions.

Service(s)” means the performance of duties for work of professional activity of a person involved with CircusSeen. This is mainly either a circus based workshop or performance.

Worker(s)” means the performer(s), workshop leader(s) / assistant(s) that CircusSeen will supply for the service.

Contract” means the written agreement concerning the provision of services between CircusSeen and you, which is a formal and legally binding agreement.

If you have made a booking with CircusSeen but wish to cancel please fill in the Cancellation Form.

Please note that once accepted, the engagement pertaining to a contract represents a commitment in time for CircusSeen, and are subsequently possibly unable to accept work from other sources. This is why CircusSeen requires a deposit on some contracts.

The deposit is 25% (minimum) to 50% (maximum) of the total service price. This deposit needs to be paid to CircusSeen no later than 28 days after signing the contract.

You may cancel a service within 28 calendar days from the day after receiving the contract. Any cancellation after this period may incur a charge due to safeguarding against loss of earnings.

If the service is required within the 28 day cancellation period any deposit received will be non-refundable, and any cancellation, without a deposit paid, may incur a charge due to safeguarding against loss of earnings.

You will be reimbursed no later than 14 calendar days after the day you inform us of the cancellation, and will be reimbursed via the same payment method you used originally unless an alternative is agreed.

If you are unhappy with a service that CircusSeen has supplied you can send us your thoughts via out Complaint Form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
Alternatively you can go via an ADR scheme here.